Welcome to Cascina la Scala. Thank you for choosing us!

We have created this guide with the aim of offering you an interactive tool that can be useful during your stay.

Inside the guide you have at your disposal the maps to reach:

  • the Free Parking Areas in Salò;
  • the restaurants and pizzerias where we recommend to eat;
  • the nearest supermarkets;
  • the places we recommend to visit;
  • the nearest tabacconist's and bakery (with the alternative pedestrian path).


How to open the gate?

To open the gate push A for few seconds. Then the gate will close AUTOMATICALLY.


How to reach the fields and the "Pülpit" sight point?

Coming from the garden, open manually the gate you see in the photo; then cross the path and open the other gate you see opposite to you. Then, follow the path and reach the "Pülpit" sight point (what is it? Find it out).

Free Parking Area


In Salò there are free parking area: 

  • in Via Belvedere (MAP)
  • nearby Simply Market (MAP)
  • in Piazza Mario Pedrazzi - this one free only from Monday to Friday (MAP). For those interested, in this area on Saturday morning there is the weekly market of Salò.

Where do you suggest to eat?



If you don't want to go out, you can order a pizza delivery at Malibù restourant - pizzeria.

Phone number: 0365-42213




If you want to have pizza on the promenade of Salò we suggest you pizzeria Papillon. The location is really charming.




The harbour of Portese is a very charming place. If you want to eat something there we suggest you "Ristorante da Osvaldo"




Baia del Vento

"Baia del vento" is a small beach with sandy depth, where you can find a bar - restourant - pizzeria and a small playground for children.


Isola di san biagio (it is also called Isola dei Conigli)

The island is a private property, but the public is allowed to go there. If the lake-lavel is law, you can reach the place by foot (it's a wonderful experience!)


BE CAREFUL: on the way there are rocks, so we recommend you to wear a pair of footwear.

The "Rocca di Manerba" (Cliffs of Manerba)


The Cliffs of Manerba can be reached easily by car from the town centre of Manerba del Garda.

The parking (MAP) is not far from the top of the cliffs, where you can see the ruins of the Castle known as "Rocca", overcame by a big cross.

You can reach the site along the path that goes through the natural park and goes to the ruins of the Castle.

In this case, you can park near the Bar in Via Agello.




We suggest you to go to Sirmione by ferry, because of the traffic (especially during the high season).

Promontorio di San Fermo





Carrefour Market


Carrefour market is 1,3Km away far from Cascina La Scala.

Open 24/7.



Eurospin Market


Eurospin market is 3,1km away far from Cascina La Scala.


Simply Market


Simply market is 3,4Km away far from Cascina La Scala




Italmark supermarket is 3,2Km far from Cascina La Scala.




Panificio Mezzana



If you want to go by foot, CLICK HERE to see the way.

Travel time by foot: 17/20 min.



Tabaccheria di Guatta Marisa



If you want to go by foot, CLICK HERE to see the way.

Travel time by foot: 17/20 min.

Offline Google Maps


If you can't get online, you can save an area from Google Maps to your phone or tablet and use it when you are offline.

CLICK HERE to read the Google Maps Help



Phone numbers to call in case of emergency


112 Carabinieri


113 Polizia di Stato (Police)


117 Guardia di Finanza (Finance Police)


115 Vigili del Fuoco (Firemen)


118 Emergenza Sanitaria (Ambulance)


1515 Emergenza Ambientale (Environment Emergency)


1518 CIS - Viaggiare informati (Traffic announcement)


803116 Soccorso Stradale (Roadside assistance)


1530 Guardia Costiera (Coast guard)