"Happiness is being with Nature, seing Nature and discoursing with her" Lev Tolstoj.



The garden

In our garden you can smell the aromas and see the colors of ancient trees that sorround it..

Much of the garden is covered by our "CascinaLaScala" wifi internet access.



Our fields

In the fields of the property there are some olive tress, thanks to wich we produce a small amount of olive oil.

Giorgio always cut the grass along the path in the fields to give guests the opportunity to walk safely to the Pülpit.



The Pülpit

The Pűlpit is the name of this enchanting place of our property. The view of the Gulf of Salò is truly breathtaking!

From the apartments guests, with a 5-minute walk in the fields, can reach it. It is the must of our home.



Our animals