2 guests 105,00 € 140,00 €
3 guests 120,00 € 155,00 €
4 guests 135,00 € 170,00 €
2 guests 110,00 € 145,00 €
3 guests 125,00 € 160,00 €
4 guests 140,00 € 175,00 €
2 guests 115,00 € 150,00 €
3 guests 130,00 € 165,00 €
4 guests 145,00 € 180,00 €


The price of the apartment
includes all services:

  • water;
  • gas;
  • electricity;
  • air conditioning;
  • heating;
  • Wi-fi;
  • bed linen and towels;
  • one parking space per apartment.

Tourist Tax: 1,00€ per person/night
Final Cleaning: included in the price
Security Deposit: 100,00€/apartment (totally refoundable upon departure, after inspection of the apartment)

n.b. The prices indicated are per night.


The reservation and the stay involve the full acceptance and compliance with our rules. We invite you to read the full regulation,

that you can read below in this page.






One week promotion:  5% discount

valid for bookings longer or equal to 7 nights up to 9 nights

10 days promotion: 7% discount

valid for bookings longer or equal to 10 nights




If you accept our price quote, we will immediately inform you of our bank details.


After that, to confirm your reservation, you must make bank transfer with the sum of the deposit (equal to 30% of the price of the apartment) within 48 working hours since you received our bank details.

Once you make bank transfer, please send us a copy of the receipt.


n.b. If cancelled, the deposit is not refoundable (except for serious documentable reasons)


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Rules and informations




  • The house is available from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. of the arrival day, and it has to be released within 10 a.m. of the leaving day.
  • Guests are invited to show, when they arrive, an identification document for the registration and the payment of the tourist tax that is not included in the price. It is EUR 1,00 per guest per night.
  • The balance of living have to be made at the arrival
  • During check-in guests must pay in cash the damage deposit* (EUR 150 for bookings on booking.com and EUR 100 for direct bookings). The damage deposit is totally refundable in cash during check-out, after an inspection of the apartment.
  • We'll give yu the keys of the apartment only after the payment of the tourist tax and the damage deposit
  • The amount of the living* includes the use of the whole house and of its whole services, of its whole appliances and plants endowed, and of gas and electric energy consumption.
    * For those who booking with booking.com It does not include the tourist tax that must be paid on arriaval.



  • We remember that the house, the day of leaving, has to be released within 10 a.m. to allow cleanings and the delivery to the next guests. Any delay not agreed involves the charge of an extra night.
  • Every guest is invited to report, and eventually refund, every damage caused by an improper use of the house and of its equipments.
  • The Check-out and the return of the house has to be made with the return of the keys in the hands of our staff on-site. The loss of the keys involves the refund for new keys and the substitution of the lock, equal to 100€.
  • In case of anticipated leaving, it is not garanted any refund.



  • Pets are not allowed.
  • It is prohibited to smoke in the house.
  • It is not allowed to accomodate other people in the house.
  • The number of guests on arrival must conform to the number indicated on the reservation. If the number of guests is higher, a supplement of 15,00€ per person per night will be applied (including children).
  • It is not allowed to camp in the garden and in the fields of the property.
  • Guests are not allowed to move any object or equipment from an apartment to another.
  • The apartment's fornishings, incuding indoor chairs, must not be brought out of the apartment.
  • Glasses, plates and all crockery must not be left on the table outside.
  • It is forbidden to change the boiler parameters. In case of necessity ask the owners.
  • Please, whenever you leave the structure, lock the entrance door and check that the windows are closed.
  • If the apartment has a parasol, it is necessary that guests leave it close during the night and close it whenever guests leave the structure. An eventual break of it, casued by the non-observance of the rule, involves the compensation of 100,00 €.
  • It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage, sanitary napkins and wipes and so on in the toilet. Please, use the appropriate provided bin.
  • The kitchen must be cleaned and tidied up.
  • Please strictly respect the separate collection of waste.
  • For safety reasons it is not allowed to play in the parking lot and in the entrance avenue (in the garden there is a lot of place!).
  • We decline any responsability due to the loss, theft or damage of objects under your property.
  • We do not answer of eventual inefficiency due to total or partial lack of supplies like gas, electric energy, water or internet connection not dependent on our will.
  • Each apartment is entitled to ONE PARKING PLACE in the courtyard of the house. On request there is the possibility of others parking in the ground.
  • REST HOURS: Guest are kindly requested to keep their voices down during rest hours, between 10pm and 8am and between 02.00pm and 04.00pm, and not to disturb their fellow guest in any other way. Television and radio volumes must be kept low particularly during rest hours. It is not allowed, in any way, to let children play in the garden during the night.