Our family run Cascina la Scala with great dedication



Giorgio is the owner of Cascina la Scala. He is a retired ranger. He conveys love and dedication for the place to our family and he is in charge of the gardening.

Maria Eugenia is Giorgio's wife. She is the manager of Cascina la Scala and she is in charge of cleaning the apartments, welcoming the guests and helping them if necessary. She doesn't speak english, but she is able to comunicate with guests in other way.

Stefano is the eldest son. He works from Monday to Friday and during the weekend he is always glad to help Giorgio and Maria Eugenia, if they need to.

Paolo is graduated in classics. He lives in Milan and when he comes back home, he helps Maria Eugenia with the managing. He speaks English.

Marco lives in Parma, where he studies natural sciences at the university. When he comes back home, he helps Giorgio with the gardening and Maria Eugenia with the cleaning and with managing. He speaks English.